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Game Controls


This will be the control when playing.

Start: To view the memo, time, day, and year.
Select: To view menu options.
A button(during Menu) To select a choice on the menu.
B button(during Menu) To exit from the menu or option.

A button: Talk, pickup items, place items, use items, and to select.
B button: To run, place items in sack, to pick items in sack, and to
exit a option.

D pad: To move up, down, left, and right, also in the menu screens.
Menu(Game Play)|Tools |
|Seeds |
|Sack |
|Name/Stats |
|Animal |
|PT Job |
|Save |

Menu(After Title Screen)Press Start
|New Game |
|Continue Saved Game|
|Copy Saved Game |
|Erase Saved Game |
|Trade |

Trade Menu
|Trade Livestock|Trade Livestock from HM2|Trade Seeds|Trade Seeds HM2|
|Trade Items |Trade Items from HM2|Back|

RUMOR: The trade from HM2, might be real, but I am going to test it
myself. Sort of like Pokemon RPG games.

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