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Posted by Anthony
what about y?????This thread is too mess [more ...]
04 Apr : 23:06

Posted by Karrarin
Hey, you're suppose to give X...and sinc [more ...]
04 Apr : 22:10

Posted by HeroDarren
V - Vegetable Juice(??????????? Darren x [more ...]
04 Apr : 13:48

Posted by Anthony
w- watermellon(do character names next t [more ...]
04 Apr : 01:02

Posted by Karrarin
Cant find anything for,V-vegetabl [more ...]
04 Apr : 00:45



You basically use lumber when fixing tilled soil or irrigated
waterways. You will lose lumber if you want to undo waterways. The
lumber shed is to the left of the horse stable, and above your house.
A fence of lumber is always two, so if you have 4 amt of lumber, you
only have two pieces of fencing.

To get more lumber, cut stumps in your crop field, animal pastures, or
the forest. The forest has a infinite amount of stumps. If you chop
all the stumps in the forest, and want more, exit and reenter the
forest. To get the lumber out of the lumber shed, press (A), while
being next to it. To put a piece lumber back, be next to the shed and
press (A).

NOTE: You can carry lumber in your sack. Hold up a piece of fence, by
pressing (A), then press (B) to put it in.
_______ _
| || || | |_|-. |^^^|
| || || | | |-| '___'
|_______| |_| |
| | | | | '-' ___
| | | | | '^^^'
|_|_|_|_| |^^^|

BOAT-You'll will have to be friends will Bella and Willy in order for
them to build you a boat. Also you need about 200-250 lumber.

Which Of the New Consoles Released In The Last Year Do You Like Best?



Playstation 4

Wii U

Xbox One

Posted by Anthony
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