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|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 11. Cows |_|_|_||

Cows bring you the best income on all the animals, depending on how
many females you have, and the love levels. You first get them when
they are newborns. It takes 13 days for it to grow into a large calf,
then 20 days to a adult cow. Males cannot be milked. You must have
these requirements to have the first two or three cows. The cows must
be fed every day to produce milk, except for the male. They will
become grumpy if you do not feed them. Feed the male anyways, because
it will not mate, if he is grumpy. Hurricanes and heavy snow will also
cause the animals to be grumpy. Also, on the 13th of Winter, 1st year
will cause animals to be grumpy.

Cows-To get a cow, you must have these requirements.

1.$5000 gold.
2.6-8 patches of grass. least 50 fodder of grass.

To get a newborn, you need a male and female cow. Both of them have to
be adults. Then talk to one of them and say no to the first option,
then yes to the second. Do this again to the other cow. Then the next
day the female would be pregnant. This works with the horse and sheep.
It takes a full season to give birth.

NOTE: Love levels cannot go down. Gender of newborn (BY BREEDING) is

Here are the selling prices.

Newborn Calf- 1500 gold
Calf-2000 gold
Adult Cow-2500 gold
S.Milk-150 gold
M.Milk-200 gold
L.Milk-250 gold
Cheese-300 gold
Butter-300 gold

Note to get the Butter Maker, you must have shipped 200 Milk, any size.
To get the Cheese Maker, you must have shipped 200 Milk, any size.
Ask the girl farmer to milk, and brush the cows. Feeding is optional
for the girl farmer. When you get the L.Milk, go to the shipping bin
and select as much milk as you can or want. Then put it in the butter
or cheese maker in the cow barn. Then put the cheese or the butter in
the shipping bin.
If you don't feed any cows in three days it will become sick. Also, if
you send it outside when raining it will become sick. You cannot send
any animals in winter. After three more days of sickness the cow(s)
will die. I only tried it to test. I did not save though.
You buy the shots in the animal shops.

|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 12. Horses |_|_|_||

Horses, they help you out, and they won't produce any money, except
selling them. You will have to breed horses to get different colors of
horses. When you buy horses, they are white with blue hair. Breed
them to get black, brown, and other horses. To get a horse, you must
have these requirements.

Horses-To get a horse, you must have these requirements.
1.$4000 gold.
2.6-8 patches of grass. least 50 fodder pieces cut from grass.

Breed them like the cows. (MALE+FEMALE) GENDER is random if you

Selling prices.
Bought Horses
Breed Horses

The sickness is the same with cows.
|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 13. Chickens |_|_|_||

Chickens- To breed chickens you must have a male and a female chicken,
not chick. Then pick and place the egg with your bare hands on the
incubator. Roosters cannot lay eggs. A chicken provides more money
than a sheep per week. You can get golden chickens when you have a
love level of 10 and have them for a year. You can get them by trade
too. To get a chicken, you must have these requirements.

Chickens-To get a chicken, you must have these requirements.

1.$1000 gold.
2.4-5 patches of grass. least 20 fodder pieces.

To breed, have a hen and a rooster. Then pick the fertilized egg with
your bare hands, (NOT MIRACLE GLOVES) and place it on the incubator. A
chick will hatch from an egg in 7 days, game days. Then they take
another 7 days to become an adult.

NOTE: The gender is random, if you hatch an egg.

Selling prices
Regular Chicken
Egg-50 Gold each
Chick-cannot sell
Chicken-500 Gold
Golden Chicken
Golden Egg-200 Gold
Golden Chick-Cannot Sell
Golden Chicken-5000 Gold

The mayonnaise maker comes to the tool shop when you ship around 200
eggs. The mayonnaise maker costs 30000 gold, and it makes 300 gold per
mayonnaise bottle.

The sickness is the same with cows.
|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 14. Sheep |_|_|_||

Sheep provides wool even if they are grumpy. They only have two stages
like the horses. Sheep provides wool every 7-9 days, depending on
love. If you have lots of sheep, they provide a large amount of income.
Here are the requirements for a Sheep. Both male and female will give
off Wool.

Sheep-To get a sheep, you must have these requirements.

1.$3000 gold.
2.5-6 patches of grass. least 30-40 pieces of fodder.

To breed, do the same with cows. (MALE+FEMALE) GENDER is random if you
reproduce sheep.

Selling prices
Lamb-1000 Gold
Sheep-1500 Gold
S.Wool-150 Gold
M.Wool-200 Gold
L.Wool-250 Gold
Knitwear-300 Gold
Yarn-300 Gold

To Have the Knitwear maker, you must have shipped 50 Wool, any size
before you can buy the knitwear maker. To get the yarn maker, you must
have shipped 100 wool, any size before you can buy yarn maker.

The sickness is the same with cows.
|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 15. Animal Reproduction |_|_|_||

To reproduce any livestock you must have a male and female.
_______________ _______________
||| || || || || || || |||
|||__|| ||__|| ||__|| ||__|||
| Barn 2 |
| |
| FEED |
| _____|
| | |
|______________ ________|_____|
||| || || || || || || |||
|||__|| ||__|| ||__|| ||__|||
| |
| Barn 1 |
|______ __ FEED|
| PREGNANT | _____|
| FEMALES | | |
|______________| _______|_____|

Barns for horses, cows, and sheep

For the mammal livestock, go to a male and female and talk to them.
Say no to go outside for both male and female. Then say yes for the
baby option for both. If you "want a baby."
_______________ _______________
| FEED|| || |
| HOLDER|| || |
| || || |
| || || |
| ||__|| |
| Coop2 FEED|
| _____|
| | |
|______________ _________|_____|
| FEED|| || |
| HOLDER|| || |
| || || |
| || || |
| ||__|| |
| Coop1 FEED|
|_ _____|
| |Incubator | |
|_|____________ _________|_____|
Chicken Coop

For chickens you don't need to talk to them. You need a rooster (male)
and a hen (female) for the chickens to reproduce. First grab an egg
when you have a male or female. If you have your hands equipped place
the egg in the incubator. If you have the miracle gloves, unequipped
them before you take an egg. If you did already, and are still
equipped with miracle gloves, you can still switch tools, select hands.


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