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Girl version


As the adventure begins...

(Island Farm)

Hey (NAME). Be careful.... ....I told you. Are you OK? Let's go

(Island Mayor's House)

....Are you saying we should sell the farm? What's wrong (NAME)?
What? You want to work on the farm? It's not as easy as you think....
You still want to do it for your father....? I can understand how you
feel, but.... Hi Mr. Heinz. What? He will help (NAME)....? They
might be able to do it together.... OK! (NAME), (BOY'S NAME) owns a
farm in Mr. Heinz village and he will be coming to help you. Pete is a
guy, will that be OK?


This is how (NAME)'s new Harvest Moon Adventure began.

(Boy's NAME)
Hello. Are you the girl Mr. Heinz was talking about? I'm (BOY'S NAME)
I think you've heard about me from Mr. Heinz. By the time we get to
the island, it'll be too late to start working. So we will start the
work tomorrow. Let's head to the island.
(Island Farm)

By the way (NAME). Are you going to work on the field too? I think
it's best if you focus on the animals. In the morning, can you tell me
the daily chores you want me to do? Do you want to know how to give me

First, you'll see the map of the field, so choose a plot to work on.
Then select the work: prepare the soil, till the soil, sow the seed,
water the crops and harvest. Choose one icon for each plot. Press the
B Button to make changes. When you're done selecting the work, press
START. Do you want to listen to again?

(Yes)Same thing as above.

(No)For both No options above.
Let's try our best to make Harry's dream come true!

NOW YOU TAKE CARE OF THE FARM! Its caps, because you better.

Now you can do what I've written.

All right, on the first day you would want to bring you pet outside.
Then go to the house just south of the chicken coop. Pick up the
shovel and dig three times per square grid in the middle of the
darkened squares. Then go to the crop field and clear about one fourth
of the land on the top field. Notice that you could only get six power
berries here, by plowing. You will notice that when you are a girl she
is slow in the crop fields.

Depending on gender, if you are a girl feed your free grown up cow,
then brush it, feed it, and talk to it. You have the fodder set, in
your tools menu. The tools are on the top of the main menu. Then
check the animal statistics, by choosing the menu below your name on
the main menu. Then milk the cow, and press the B button to put it in
the sack. Then exit. Clear some of the land behind the cow barn, and
hoe the ground by 3by3 squares. Three hoed patches should do. Then go
to the shipping bin. Then go to the town when you exit your farm. Go
all the way down until you meet a guy with white hair. Talk to him to
get a pass to get onto the boat. Talk to him again and say yes, so you
can go to another island. He will be there only on Mondays and
Thursdays, only if it is not rainy, snowing, or have a natural
disaster.(Except the earthquake). When it is 8am, go down to the shop
with a green roof. Then buy one or two grass seeds on the top left side
of the shop. In case you didn't notice, this is a bank, and animal
shop. Exit, the shop, then go to the shop with a red roof, it has to
be 9am to enter. This is a library, restaurant, tools, and flower
shop. Buy as much seeds you want or can get. Go back to the port and
talk to the man, and say yes to go back to your farm. If you don't get
back to the guy with white hair by 6pm, he will take you out of any
buildings. The other two buildings are the aquarium and the theater.
Both of them will make you happier. Don't go here now. Go back to your
farm and till the soil in the crop field. Then plant your seeds and
water them. Notice, you cannot grow grass here. Grow your grass in
the cow pasture, back of the cow barn. If it is before 6 o'clock, pick
some grape in the forest. The forest has infinite fruits there, just
exit and go back in. Carry about 16 before 6pm. Then go back to your
farm. To ship make sure you have your shippable items in the shipping
bin house. Then go to your house, and use your phone before 6pm. Then
pick yes, and the top choice, and you select the things you want to
ship, and how much you want to ship. (Quantity, of one good.) You
will have to do this over and over to ship more stuff. Then go to
sleep, or do more work. (Clearing land, chopping wood, tilling soil,
gathering fruits, and other stuff. Until you get 3200 gold, buy a
Scare Crow at the animal shop so your plants will survive.


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