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|@|_|_|@                                                       @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 1. Partner's Interests |_|_|_||

1. Boy:

What he likes best. (When you are the girl)

Any harvested items

What he likes least.

1. Fishes
2. Mushrooms
3. Wild Berries
4. Cherries
5. Rocks
6. Wood/Lumber
7. Weeds
8. Animal sickness and deaths
9. Natural Disasters

2. Girl

What she likes best. (When you are the boy)

Any harvested item

2. What she likes least.

1. Fishes
2. Mushrooms
3. Wild Berries
4. Cherries
5. Rocks
6. Wood/Lumber
7. Weeds
8. Animal sickness and deaths

|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 2. Power Berries |_|_|_||

Power berries will help you keep the farm from the corporation.

1. Tilling the soil
2. Tilling the soil
3. Tilling the soil
4. Tilling the soil
5. Tilling the soil
6. Tilling the soil
7. Talk to dwarf
8. Snowboarding Score
9. Being friends with the Mermaid
10. Give all types of Fish to the Aquarium
|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 3. Trading |_|_|_||

Go to the menu screen when you want to continue your save game. The
screen that is after you press start. Then go to the bottom most
option, you must have a saved game. Then chose the game you want to
trade. Then press link. Now you can trade stuff.
You can trade seeds, pets, livestock, and other stuff through HM3
games. You can get a Golden Chicken by trading, this will make it a lot
faster than waiting a year.
Here is what you can trade.

#| Item Sent | Item Received
Items/ Misc.
1. Seeds | Seeds
2. Fish(Large) | Fish(Large)
Fish(Medium) | Fish(Medium)
Fish(Small) | Fish(Small)
Livestock-Can trade male- male/ male- female/ female- female/ female-
1. Horse(Adult) | Horse(Adult)/(Mare)
Horse(Mare) | Horse(Mare)/(Adult)
2. Cow(Adult) | Cow(Adult)/(Calf)/(New Born Calf)
Cow(Calf) | Cow(Calf)/(New Born Calf)/(Adult)
Cow(New Born) | Cow(New Born Calf)/(Adult)/(Calf)
3. Chicken(Reg) | Chicken(Regular)/(Golden)
Chicken(Gold) | Chicken(Golden)/(Regular)
4. Sheep(Adult) | Sheep(Adult)/(Lamb)
Sheep(Lamb) | Sheep(Lamb)/(Adult)

RUMOR-I heard you can trade HM3 stuff to HM2, but only the stuff that
is found on HM2.
|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 4. Mini Games |_|_|_||

I only found one mini-game so far.

1.It is the snow boarding one.
You have to buy a snowboard in winter at the tool shop for 30000 gold.
Then go to the forest and select the board and press A. Say yes two
times to snowboard.
You have to go over obstacles, and the finish line is 2500 meters.

Accelerate- Tap Up Arrow
Snow Board- Hold (A) button
Jump over logs- Press (A) or (B)
Jump over ice chunks- Press (A) or (B)
Dodge trees- Use left or right arrows
Turn- Use arrows
NOTE: You can do tricks by pressing different buttons in a order.

Here are the points for the scores.
145 seconds- and under- 100 points- Get powerberry. (S Rank)
More coming soon.
|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 5. Yearly Events/ Events |_|_|_||

1.Anytime-Get married to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

2.Earthquake-around mid spring, second year.

3.Hurricanes in Summer: Any year 11th & 21st days

4.Heavy Snow: Any year 1st - 5th days & 20th - 25th days.

5.Mondays and Thursdays- (Sunny Days) Access to the other island.

6.Fireworks(Independence Day) Holiday 20th of Summer. Go to the Sea
site after 6 pm. You will meet Karen.

7.Red Secret of the Spring 24th of Fall. Go to the forest maze and
enter the spring at 3pm.

8.Date with wife/boyfriend-Anytime when they ask. Go to the Sea Site,
or somewhere else.

9.Solar Eclipse- First Monday of Summer (1st year) 3p.m.

10.Fertilizer maker- Anytime, when you make more than 50000 gold,
Either gender of Farmer (BOY or GIRL) will ask you to buy a fertilizer
maker. Cost-49000 gold.

11.Lightning- Spring, 1st year, Sunday the 28th at 10pm. Female
partner will be scared, only if you are a boy.

12.River King- Spring 1st, 2nd year. Go talk to the Aquarium Manager,
about the river king... I think. He says catching it at 6pm- 12am at
the spring in the forest maze. The next day, there will be an egg.

More Coming Soon
|@|_|_|@ @|_|_|@|
||_|_|_| 6. Marriage/ Friends |_|_|_||

To get married or get new friends, do this as much as possible to every
NOTE: You could only marry you Farmer Partner.

1. Talk to them everyday, if possible.
2. Give them treats, like, crops, berries, milk, mayonnaise and eggs.
I am not sure about wool.
3. Don't give them bad stuff like weeds.
4. Answer a question correctly, to the person that asks one.
5. Go on events with them.

To get a baby...

To get a baby, do the following...

1. Be a Male-reason-if you are a Female and you're pregnant you can't
work hard as you used to while having a kid inside.
2. Get Married
3. Buy Crib for baby. Cost (30000) gold
4. Go sleep with your wife.
5. Give food to your wife.
6. (Recommended from me) Never neglect your wife.

A few weeks or months will make your wife pregnant. Two kids maximum,
by my standards so far.


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