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Thursday 02 February 2012
HMP News Update
We will be uploading the news video for Febuary in the next few days as Im am down with a cold/flu thing and can barely speak to record the video. We will be adding a new poll for the month and the question will be:Which HM game do you like the graphics/animation the most? This will run to March 1st.

Once the news update video is finished we will put it in this news post, the Poll Results for January's poll will be discussed in the video.

***Addition Feb 3rd***

Seeing as my cold won't give up Im gonna be doing the news post for feb the old fashioned way. 1st off as we already mentioned in the news post below this one, we have extended the deadline to Feb 29th and we will only be requiring 25 entries instead of 50. Additionally, if we get our 25+ entries we will be offering a copy of Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar for DS as a 2nd place prize, or 1st place if the winner already owns Two Towns, then 2nd place will receive the Two towns game. and 1st place can get Grand Bazaar.

We also want to point out and re-emphasize that you can do ANYTHING to make a contest entry! Make a Mii on your Wii console, or make a character on your Xbox if you want, we will accept it! And let us know asap as well. We have 7 entries so far that have been officially entered, we only need 25 to do the contest, and afterwards everybodies entry will be submitted and displays in our new fanart section for everyone to see. So please email us at @

Remember Due to strange software problems, when an email is posted the "at symbol" typed by pressing "shift key" and "2" is displayed as a copyright symbol instead "©" If you copy the email direct from this news post, remember to replace the © with the "at symbol"

Lastly we have the previous poll results: The winner was "Going on dates" by a landslide

Be sure to vote on our new poll!

What is your fav activity on HM: 2 Towns?

Growing Crops Votes: 3 | 4.29%

Raising Animals Votes: 5 | 7.14%

Befriending Villagers Votes: 9 | 12.86%

Befriending the wild Animals Votes: 3 | 4.29%

Foraging Votes: 4 | 5.71%

Fishing Votes: 4 | 5.71%

Bug Hunting Votes: 2 | 2.86%

Participating in Festivals Votes: 5 | 7.14%

Going on Dates Votes: 22 | 31.43%

Completing Requests Votes: 10 | 14.29%

Other [Comment what you like to do] Votes: 3 | 4.29%
Posted by Owen on Thursday 02 February 2012 - 02:43:58 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Monday 23 January 2012
HMP Fan Art Contest
[Just a repost of the 1st news post about the contest to keepthe info on the 1st page of news with some changes. since we haven't got that many entries yet, we decided to lower the minimum entries we need to 25 and are extending the contest deadline to Feb 29th!]

For the 1st time in HMP history. We are holding a contest with a free give-away prize for the winner in celebration of getting 100 subscribers to our Youtube Channel! We will be giving away a copy of Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns to the person who submits the best fan art of a Harvestmoon Character of your choice! The Winner will get the regular DS version of the game, once they are chosen as the winner. If you are overseas from North America, we will give the winner (provided they do not live in North America) an Amazon Gift Card worth $30 US dollars for you to purchase the game yourself to keep shipping costs down as you will have to pay shipping. This applies for overseas contestants only. Canada and US residents will not have to pay shipping.

To enter our contest you can email your art entry under the email subject "HMP Fan Art Contest" to the email listed at the bottom of this news post. You can enter the contest before you actually have your artwork finished. Simply just email us still and let us know you would like to participate as soon as you can. We also forgot to mention, you must be 13 years of age or older to participate.

The criteria for your artwork to qualify for the contest is as follows:

- The artwork must have character(s) that are based on an HM game no older then Harvestmoon 64 and BTN to present. This includes all games for all systems up until the present that had the title "Harvest Moon" excluding the Innocent Life and Rune Factory games.
- The artwork can be any character(s) seen in the games, be it a main character, bachelorette, bachelor or regular villager, Harvest Sprites, or even farm animals and crops as well. However, if you draw the Main Character, we would like to see entries with the Main Character with another one of the game characters for variety.
- We will be paying close attention to detail and originality. The more interesting and detailed your entry is, the better chance you will have at winning.
- You must make sure there is some way you can prove to us that the artwork you submit is authentic and done by you only.
- Your submission can be in any medium you wish. Be it hand drawn, sketched, painted, done on a picture editing program or even make a Mii on your Wii console etc. you could even make a sculpture out of clay even. Just take a picture of your entry and email it to us
- Entries must be appropriate for all ages. No nudity, or vulgarity please. Any submissions we recieve that fit into that description will be immediatly disqualified

The contest will run for the next 2 months starting this Sunday December 11th 2011 to Feburary 29th 2012. Unfortunatly though, we will only have a prize for the 1st place winner since this is our 1st contest and have no idea what kind of a turn out we will get. If though we find that we do not get enough submissions for the contest we will not be doing the giveaway! So make sure to submit so we can give this oppertunity to you! We need to get at least 25 submissions to hold a fair contest, so be sure to do your part to enter!

Be sure to tell your friends to come check out the contest and to enter. There will be a special topic in the fanart board of our forum for the contest. If you wish to talk about your entries your welcome to post there. However, you must be a member of HMP to use the forum, so by all means, sign up! Here is a link to the fan art board: Fan Art Forum The topic is in the sticky section called "Fanart Contest!

After the contests ends on Febuary 29th, the staff here at HMP will need time to go through the entries and decide which one is best. The winner will be posted on March 15th of 2012! During the duration of the contest, we will post news bullitens notifying how the contest is going, such as how many entries we have and how much longer we have left. On MArch 15th 2012 we will post a news bulletin with the name of the contest winner and the artwork they submitted. All other entries will be added to our fanart section with credit to the artists so everybody can enjoy all of the hardwork everybody put in!

So be sure to enter! Remember, the contest starts Sunday December 11th. Send your artwork to the HMP email which is hmp_staff© Be sure to include your name, nickname or username in your email so we can give you credit to your artwork when it is posted!

**Special Note** Due to strange software problems, when an email is posted the "at symbol" typed by pressing "shift key" and "2" is displayed as a copyright symbol instead "©" If you copy the email direct from this news post, remember to replace the © with the "at symbol"

If you would like to watch the information video for this contest which basicaly coveres what is in this news post you can watch our information video below by clicking the link.

Click Here to see the HMP Contest Info Video
Posted by Owen on Monday 23 January 2012 - 18:53:27 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Sunday 15 January 2012
News Post Comments
We will no longer be allowing comments to be posted on the news posts once they go to page 2 of the news on the main page. This is because lately every single spammer that hits the site desides to post their spam posts in the comments. Additionally, due to the software HMP uses for the website there is no quick way to remove the posts and Im sick of spending 3 hours going through 27 pages of news and removing the comments everytime we get hit with a spam wave. But we will be adding a new sticky topic to the forum under Feedback & Forum Comments for any comments or questions you have regarding news posts that are on page 2 or later. The link to the sticky is below.

News Item Discussion Topic
Posted by Owen on Sunday 15 January 2012 - 21:51:16 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Monday 02 January 2012
January News Video
We will be doing our monthly news updates in videos from now on. Click the video for the news

Posted by Owen on Monday 02 January 2012 - 05:35:59 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Sunday 25 December 2011
Merry Christmas From Harvest Moon Paradise
Posted by Anthony on Sunday 25 December 2011 - 06:11:56 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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